Beat the Bill began as an idea with two sisters sitting at their parents’ kitchen table in Arizona…

While reflecting on the closure of Carrie’s case, Carrie and Christina were asking each other questions about cultural change. Would the most powerful cultural influencers voluntarily relinquish control? Are they influencing culture because it’s who they are and they want to make society better? Or are they influencing culture for their selfish gain? And this is their quest to find out.


“Christina empowered me to fight for my voice and my story. This bill and this campaign fights for the voice and stories of millions of people. This campaign is to others what Christina was to me. That is what this is all about and why I love it so much,” says Carrie Bobb.

Founder, The Carrie Bobb Foundation; Carrie Bobb & Co.

In 2018, Carrie Bobb’s career as a commercial real estate broker was skyrocketing, until a National Retail Director with her company drugged and raped her at a corporate event. Overnight, Carrie’s entire life, including her career, was ripped from her grasp as she fought for her life. Standing shoulder to shoulder with her sister and refusing to be silenced, Carrie shares her story to protect others. Armed with insight, experience and the stories of other victims, Carrie advocates to prevent sexual assault in Corporate America. Beat the Bill is The Carrie Bobb Foundation’s campaign to end mandatory arbitration for sexual assault. Carrie’s foundation focuses on empowering, inspiring and equipping women to shape culture and change the world. Carrie’s foundation focuses on creating cultural tipping points that empower people, strengthen the economy and shape culture.



As Carrie’s sister, a United States Marine and an attorney with a litigation background, Christina was the driving force of Carrie’s negotiations, all behind closed doors. Early on in the case, she could see the powerful ramifications of how Carrie’s story could be used to change policy around sexual assault in arbitration clauses. Christina fought for her sister and empowered Carrie to fight for the right to use her story to protect millions and prevent sexual assault in the workplace.

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